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Of Leonardo da Vinci was devised as a 45 minute music-theatre work for solo improvised voice and movement, digital sound playback and HD video projection.

The part was developed as part of E.Laine’s 3 month residency in Venice and the first performance took place at the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in December 2010.

This 25 minute film is an extract from the collaboration between David Toop (score & libretto based on Leonardo da Vinci’s accounts of his dreams), singer Elaine and Barry Lewis.

This version is without the voice and performance of E.Laine whose extreme vocal range and butoh dancing in front of the huge screen transforms the space.

In the final piece a woman considers the nature of life and its history as it moves ever closer to its end: like a sibyl, an oracle, a shaman, she voices the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, is caught up within his memories, prophesies and visions.